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Dear passenger, your trip to CANCUN SPRING BREAK 2022 is coming and to make it to the fullest, we at B.MAX have prepared this Newsletter with some very important tips, suggestions and guidelines, so read everything very carefully until the end and fill in the form , because through it, we will receive your confirmation, to send your travel vouchers (hotel and air ticket).



Valid passport: for trips to Mexico, at least 6 (six) months of validity, counting from the date of return to Brazil, are required.
IMPORTANT: the passport is also a mandatory document. If the passenger loses his passport during the trip, he must notify the competent Mexican authority in order to provide a document that authorizes him to return to Brazil. Upon arrival in Brazil, it is necessary to notify the competent Brazilian authority so that the document is canceled and then arrange for a new passport. It is recommended to make a copy of the passport sheets before the trip and file it in an email and on your cell phone.
Electronic Travel Authorization: Inform the entire period of the trip from boarding to the moment of return to Brazilian territory. For passengers traveling from 13 to 20, inform from 12 to 21 March 2022; and for passengers traveling from 18 to 25, inform from 17 to 26 March 2022; totaling, in both cases, 10 (ten) days ( .
Negative RT-PCR Test (up to 72h before the flight) or ANTIGEN (up to 24h before the flight): at the time of boarding back to Brazil, proof of a negative RT-PCR test, obtained in the previous 72 hours, must be presented. Alternatively, a negative Antigen test may be presented, done within the previous 24 hours. Test results must be in Portuguese, Spanish or English ().
Travel Insurance: OPTIONAL, however it is advisable for the tourist to have travel insurance for any needs, according to his/her interest.


Covid-19 Vaccine: carry the National Certificate of Vaccine against COVID-19 translated into Spanish or English throughout the trip, which can be obtained through the website: ( national-covid-19-vaccination certificate ). To enter Brazil, travelers are required to present a valid certificate for full vaccination against covid-19, using an approved vaccine. All vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) are accepted.
Yellow Fever Vaccine: The International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis - CIVP with registration of the Yellow Fever vaccine applied at least 10 (ten) days before the trip, is required of travelers coming from Brazil who want to go to Panama ("full dose" and not fractional). The CIVP can be obtained from the website: ( ).
IMPORTANT: It is advisable to arrange the CIVP, however, it is not required for Brazilians who only make a connection in Panama without leaving the airport ( ).

The Ministry of Health, Anvisa and Anac have guidelines that must be followed while staying at airports and inside aircraft, among which we highlight:
It is advisable to constantly keep your hands clean through the use of alcohol gel, liquid soap and paper towels during the trip, as well as to maintain a social distance of at least two meters between people.
It is recommended that the traveler prefers to check-in through digital channels, such as airline applications or Web-Check-in, by cell phone, in order to avoid handling printed boarding passes.

IMPORTANT : The use of a face mask is maintained as a mandatory requirement to protect the health of the traveler, and it must be well adjusted to the face, covering the nose and mouth, without openings that allow the entry or exit of air and respiratory droplets and models that do not guarantee this protection, are not accepted at airports and on aircraft, for example: bandanas, scarves and face shields used without masks underneath will not be allowed, as well as acrylic or transparent plastic masks and those that have an expiration valve, even if they are professionals. Fabric masks made by hand or industrially with material such as cotton and tricoline are allowed, as long as they have more than one layer of protection and an adequate fit to the face. Inside the aircraft and at the airport terminals, it will only be allowed to remove the face mask for hydration. The mandatory use of masks does not apply to food courts during the meal.


All passengers who purchased a complete package with us (with air ticket) are provided with basic travel insurance as a courtesy, which is already included among the services.
IMPORTANT: in case the passenger tests positive for covid-19 on the scheduled date to return to Brazil, he will have to pay for accommodation, purchase a new air ticket back to Brazil (if the air ticket exchange is possible, the passenger will bear any fine or fare difference imposed by the airline) and all the RT-PCR or ANTIGEN tests that he needs to provide to comply with the requirements established by the Brazilian government.
Recently, we received a report from the insurer about a new type of insurance that addresses some needs arising from the traveler testing positive for covid-19 during the trip, as until then there was no option in the market in this regard. Therefore, the passenger who has purchased a complete package with us (with air ticket) will be able to expand the coverage of his basic travel insurance to one of the new coverage options upon payment of the corresponding additional amount, in order to cover, for example, up to 10 (ten) days of quarantine with a maximum cost limit in daily rates and provided that all the requirements of the contract established by the insurer are met.
The implementation of this basic travel insurance "upgrade" to any of these available plans will be possible until 03/04/22 upon payment of the difference in the corresponding amount. After this date, all passengers will have their travel insurance issued and the policy sent by e-mail, which in turn must be printed by the passenger and taken with them throughout the trip. After issuing the travel insurance, if the passenger wants to change insurance, this will only be possible in case of purchasing a new insurance on their own.
The travel insurance information included in the package, as well as the new options that address some needs related to the topic of covid-19, are described below (“Bronze Al”, “Bronze Al Covid Mais” and “Latam Max Covid Mais”).


The RT-PCR or Antigen test is paid for by the passenger himself, as insurance companies do not have plans that cover this cost. The Resort has provided Covid-19 tests among its extra services paid separately by the guest.
The RT-PCR Test must be performed up to 72h before the flight, while the ANTIGEN Test must be performed up to 24h before the flight.



Upgrade Seguro.png



Voltage: 110v, “American” outlet.

Type of currency and how much on average to take: US Dollar – US$ 800.00, on average. Tip: Smaller denominations are recommended for easier change.

Hotel Insurance: approximately US$ 35.00 - Mandatory insurance charged by the Hotel for each guest up to 25 (twenty-five) years old, payable at check-in).

International credit card: if the passenger intends to take a credit card with him, he must contact his bank's card center and inform the trip to enable its use abroad.

Hotel Internet: approximately US$ 40.00 to have Internet at the Hotel (the Hotel has several options for hourly, day and week plans) and payment is made only by international credit card directly by cell phone.

Data chip in Cancun: For greater passenger safety, we suggest that everyone is connected to the internet inside and outside the Resort. It is possible to book an Internet Chip with the B.MAX Team. The Chip must be reserved before the trip and payment must be made before Check-in, at the time of the Pre Check-in Meeting – US$ 35.00 (2.5GB to use internet throughout the city and region). Note: normally inside the hotel room, mobile data is blocked.

Tips at nightclubs:  to be a VIP and have good service, it is customary in Cancun for tourists to pay tips to the waiters. B.MAX collects the amount of US$ 10.00/US$ 15.00 (depending on the party), per night and per passenger, and pre-books a “Table VIP” (table for the B.MAX group with and exclusive service). For the smooth running of the trip due to the number of passengers, the total amount of fees is collected at the Pre Check-in Meeting directly by the B.MAX Team. Thus, the passenger will only need to show up before the agreed time limit in order to board the transport for the nightclub, without having to handle money and change, which could delay the group.

Taxi value Hotel/Balada/Hotel: US$ 20.00, each way.

Baggage to be checked : Up to 1 (one) piece (50 x 80 x 28cm) weighing up to 23Kg (twenty-three kilos).

Hand luggage: Up to 1 (one) piece (55 x 35 x 25cm) weighing up to 10 kg (ten kilos).

IMPORTANT: Hand Bag X Checked Bag:

Choose well which items to leave in the "hand bag" and "bag to be checked". The most valuable belongings, such as money, passport, cell phone, camera, GoPro (etc), must be kept with you in the “hand bag”.

The "bag to be checked" should preferably contain clothes and shoes. We even recommend the constant use of a padlock on all bags throughout the trip.

Medicines must be transported in the "hand bag" always accompanied by their respective medical prescriptions.

At the time of Spring Break, the Resort is at its maximum capacity, so we advise you to leave a change of clothes and shoes prepared in your "hand bag" for arrival in Cancun. This precaution is useful in cases where the room is not ready or in cases where arrival at the Hotel takes place before check-in time (from 3 pm). In these cases, all guests' bags must remain in their own place until the room is released. After Check-in, the passenger can remove the bags with the “ticket”/proof (withdraw one ticket per bag as soon as they are handed over to the Hotel employee), and enter their room.

What kind of clothes to bring:


Beach shorts, shorts, swimming trunks, flip-flops, sneakers, glasses, sunscreen, jeans, tank tops, shirts or shirts with sleeves (some nightclubs and restaurants have a dress code and do not allow men wearing shorts, t-shirts to enter sleeveless and/or caps), padlock for the checked bag.


Bikinis, bathing suits/skirts, skirts, shorts, dresses, blouses, flip-flops, sandals, sandals, sneakers, caps/hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, beach bag and padlock for the checked bag.

Bonus Tip - Airplane Check-in : if you are traveling with more friends and want the seats on the flight to be together, all you need to do is check-in at the Airport together, so it will be considered a group trip and the Cia Aérea, preferably, will place them all (or most) in seats together. Another effective option is to carry out the "web check-in", if the Airline of your flight makes this service available, simply carrying out this step by step together to simultaneously choose the seats really together, according to the availability of the Airline itself at the time of the "web check-in". Check in". When carrying out the web Check-in, you will only have to check your bag at the Airport (if you are traveling with “bag to be checked”). The “web check-in” makes the boarding process more practical and faster.
Bonus Tip - Hotel Check-in : The same tip above applies to the Hotel. So if you are traveling with a group of friends or made friends with other travel participants during the plane trip and would like your rooms to be close to the Hotel, check in at the Hotel together and remember to ask the Hotel employee who wish to be allocated in nearby rooms, because in this case, if the Hotel has availability, this is the only opportunity and the right time to do so.


As soon as our passengers arrive in Cancun, we will hold a Welcome Meeting to the CANCUN SPRING BREAK! In this meeting, we will talk about the Spring Break party schedule, as well as the schedule and time of night outings and clubbing activities. This will be the last opportunity to purchase the extra activities. Get ready!



1) Isla Mujeres + Dolphin Discovery Swim Adventure + El Garrafon (full day)

Catamaran tour with breakfast and DJ LIVE to the famous ISLA MUJERES. Visit to EL GARRAFON National Park (kayak, snorkel, infinity pool, towel, locker) – all inclusive system. Interactive Diving with Dolphins (guided interaction to watch stunts, dances, jumps, kisses and more, within a safe environment at DOLPHIN DISCOVERY) – all inclusive system.

Includes: HOTEL/MARINA/HOTEL transfer, IN/OUT boat transfer to the island with breakfast and all-inclusive drinks + DJ and entertainers, lunch in the Park, kayak, snorkel, towel, locker, zip line (optional), photo on zipline (optional). Life jacket, theoretical class, locker, towel and the interactive dive with the Dolphins in the all inclusive system.

Value: US$ 170.00 + Tax (US$ 15.00 - tax paid directly at the Marina by the passenger)


2) Jungle Tour (approximately 3 hours)

Ride piloting the modern THUNDER boats through the Nichupté Lagoon until reaching the high seas, where the boats are moored to practice snorkeling in one of the largest coral reefs in the world.

Includes: Transfer, life jacket, theory class, locker, tour piloting the speedboats, snorkeling in the coral reef.

Value: US$ 80.00 + Tax (US$ 15.00 - tax paid directly at the Marina by the passenger)


3) Chichen Itza (full day)

Chosen as one of the seven wonders of the modern world, it guards the most impressive archaeological sites in Mexico. Mystical city with famous Mayan ruins and ancient place of worship of the Gods. Dive into the fascinating Cenote Ik-Kil, one of the most beautiful natural pools on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Includes: Transfer (5 hours/3 round trip), lunch, cenote swim, park admission with guide.

Value: US$ 95.00


4) Xcaret Plus (full day)

The "Sacred Paradise of Nature": Xcaret is the most famous archaeological park in the world. With more than 53 activities to enjoy, Xcaret is an experience for all the senses: horses, tropical birds, butterflies, bat cave, beach and diving in its famous caves with crystal clear water and its underground river.

Includes: Transfer (1 hour), VIP locker, towels, snorkel equipment, bag with padlock for diving, buffet lunch with drinks and coffee, caves, underground river. Some activities are extra and will be charged locally.

VALUE: US$ 175.00


5) Xel-Há (full day)

Visit to the most spectacular water park in Rivera Maia. Considered the largest natural aquarium in the world, with several attractions: snorkeling, zip-line, “clavado” jump, lazy river with buoy, caves with underground rivers, all with the all-inclusive system.

Includes: Transfer (1 hour), breakfast, lunch, locker, towel, complete snorkel equipment ($15.00 deposit), zip line, “clavado” jump, streams, lagoons, caves with underground rivers, lazy river with float, with the all inclusive system. Some activities are extra and will be charged locally.

Value: US$ 140.00


6) Tulum + Cenotes (5 hours)

Enjoy 2 activities 1 day. Tulum is the only Mayan Ruin with the sea at your feet. We'll take a guided tour where we'll learn all about their gods, temples and beliefs. Then we will have free time to swim and enjoy the cenotes of the place.

Includes: Transport, guide, guided tour of Tulum and visit to 2 cenotes.

Value: US$ 95.00



X-Plor                 US$ 180.00

Flyboard (15 minutes)   US$ 100.00

parasail                US$  70.00




Baladas site.png

* nightclub prices correspond to the days dated above.



Includes: ticket at 07:00 + transfer ONE and BACK (with 1 departure and 2 return times to be agreed).
Important: the above schedule may change.
Value: US$ 500.00 (advance amount, paid in Brazil or at the time of the Pre Check-in meeting).



Includes: ticket to the selected nightclub + transfer ONE and BACK (with 1 departure and 2 return times, to be agreed).
Value: according to the table above.



Until 03/04/22, the "upgrade" of travel insurance, tours, night clubs and data chip, can be purchased and paid in reais as long as it is in cash. For credit card payment in Brazil, please contact us. After this date, they can be paid in Cancun (at the Pre Check-in Meeting), in US dollars.



At the time of the Spring Break event, the city of Cancun is at its maximum capacity for tourism, therefore, all tours and nightclubs must be booked and paid for with the B.MAX Team in advance.

If you are interested in upgrading your travel insurance, purchasing tours, nightclubs or data chip for mobile internet, please inform us in the form below, so that one of our representatives will contact you to complete your service.
Please fill in carefully, as the information on this form will be used to send hotel and air ticket vouchers.

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